Tank insualtion - thermal insulation of tanks and vessels

for thermal insulation of tanks and vessels

Stenca can supply different kinds of tank insulation from the traditional insulation with mineral wool and steel cladding to the more modern insulation products as Stenca Tank Plates and Stenca HT Plates.
Stenca Tank Plate is produced in the same material as Stenca Pipe, and Stenca HT Plates consist of the same calcium-silicate as the Stenca HT Pipe.
The different plates will be formed to suit a tank top, bottom and sides.
Stenca Plates can be used on tanks operating within the temperature range of -50° C to 140° C
Stenca HT Plates can be used on tanks operating within the temperature range of 140° C to 1000° C 

Stenca Plates and HT Plates can also be designed as flange or Valve boxes, and the Stenca HT Box design can be manufactured to give Passive Fire Protection up to a Jet Fire.   

Benefits of Stenca Tank Insulation
  • Less weight 
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Low flame spread / Non-combustibility
  • By installing and cutting there is no release of any dangerous or harmful particles in the air, which can damage the respiratory, mucous membranes and skin of the workers. 
  • Does not prevent corrosion
  • Has passed a life cycle test – done in Weatherometer simulating offshore conditions.
  • Long durability

Areas for tank insulation
  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Ships
  • Shipyards 
  • Manufacturing
  • Industry

Key Words
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection insulation
  • Personal protection insulation
  • Noise reduction insulation
  • Heat conservation
  • Passive Fire Protection
If you want to know more about thermal insulation for tanks and vessels, feel free to contact us here.

Technical Data

Tank/Vessel insulation plates Tank diameter Element measurements Insulation thickness
 ST1400  Ø1400mm  600x600mm  40mm
 ST2280  Ø2280mm  600x600mm  40mm
 ST2800  Ø2800mm  600x600mm  40mm

The Stenca Tank/Vessel data mentioned above are only examples of previously manufactured insulation.
Please contact Stenca and specify your exact tank/vessel dimensions.