Mineral Wool for comfort insulation and fire safety

Stenca can supply several types of mineral wool for both comfort insulation and fire protecting insulation. Basically, we are able to supply most types of mineral wool, but we suggest our customers to use glass wool, since the properties are generally better and the product has a lower weight than e.g. stone wool.
Therefore, we suggest using Isover Ultimate, which are proven insulation products for marine applications, and at the same time have the necessary certifications in place.
There are different types of insulation materials and solutions, depending on the specific task and fire requirements to comply.
Similarly, there are different weight classes in the various applications where the thermal properties and the desired insulation thickness determines the choice of product.
The range is wide with many possibilities, therefore we have chosen to refer to the most common, and used products, like comfort insulation, A-60 insulation between the deck and bulkheads, as well as insulation of exhaust pipes.
Ultimate U MFN/A/V 13-36

Thermal insulation of deck and bulkheads, tanks and vessels.
We would suggest the use of U MFN 24.

Ultimate U MPN/A/V 20-90

Fire protection insulation of decks and bulkheads.
As a A-60 fire protection we would suggest to use 2 x 30 mm U MPA 66 kg.


Ultimate Wired Mats

Fire protecting insulation of machine rooms and exhaust channels.
Brandisolering af maskinrum og udstødningskanaler.
The choice of material depends of the task.

 If you want to know more about Mineral Wool for comfort insulation and fire safety, feel free to contact us here.