Acoustic insulation with noise-reducing effects

Excessive noise on ships or oilrigs can lead to a poor working environment, and thereby reduced working capacity, hearing loss and less concentration. It also increases the risk of other injuries, if communication between employees is disturbed by a very high noise level.

Stenca offers a wide variety of different acoustic solutions such as acoustic pipe insulation, valve- and flange insulation, soundproofing panels for the engine room, pump room and compressor room, work areas, residential areas, etc.


Noise reduction of pipes, flanges and valves

Acoustic insulation of pipes, flanges, valves, etc. after all NORSOK standards.

By using Stenca Pipe insulation for noise reduction, you will achieve a better suppression performance, than with the traditional known methods. By using a solution with Stenca Pipe or Stenca HT Pipe insulation, combined with one or two layers of drapery and needle felt, it is possible to fullfill NORSOK classes 6,7, and 8.

The above solution is successfully applied to the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore for noise reduction of gas pipes and Scrubbers onboard the FPSO Maersk Ngujima-Yin.

The same solution has been used for many years, with the same satisfactory results, on several oil rigs in the North Sea.

Feedbach from Australia

“I have been in the insulation industry for over 30 years, and this is the first time I have come across your product. We are using the calcium silicate pipe section with the sound proofing felt, and it is one of the best products I have installed – Thank you”, Andrew Tomlinson, Lagger.

Acoustic insulation for bulkhead

We are able to supply different solutions that reduces noise and vibration, that are transmitted from the hulk into the adjoining rooms or from room to room.

For example one solution consists of visco rubber and a waffle iron plate, which are mounted directly on the bulkhead beneath the insulation. This solution is applied on several ships with excellent results.

Soundproof insulation for rooms

If you want to ensure that noise from engines, pumps, compressors, and offices is not tranmitted to adjacent rooms, we offer several different solutions.

For example by applying sound absorbing drapery behind the wall panels, the noise penetration from noisy rooms can almost be eliminated.
Or by using accoustic panels as patrition, the noise level between the rooms can be minimized
remarkably. We have accoustic panels that reduces transmitted noise from 43 dB up to 53 dB.

  • For sound insulation of pipes, bulkhead, ceiling, floor, etc. onshore as well as offshore

  • FPSO Units
  • Power Plants
  • Offshore/Onshore
  • Shipyards/Ships
  • Oil Drilling Platforms/Oil Rigs
  • Marine Industry
  • Production Companies
  • Industry & Food
  • Refineries

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